Would Mail-In Ballots Create A Loophole For Casting Double Ballots?

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By Olumide Akinlaja September 04, 2020

A Facebook post which suggested that mail-in voting could create a loophole which allows voters to cast double ballots has been shared thousands of times in the past few days.

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The viral post reads, ‘This is real - If I mail in my ballot on Sunday and show up to the polling station on Tuesday, they won’t know if I’ve already voted or not. That, my friends....is a serious concern for all of us’. This claim is false.

This post follows a number of concerns and opinions about the use of a mail-in ballot in the upcoming elections, as it is looking increasingly certain that mail-in voting may have a huge role to play in determining the fate of the winner.

Recently, President Trump made a tweet which seems to question the integrity of mail-in voting, as he urged his supporters to go to the polling stations even if they have mailed in their ballots to make sure their votes counted. Twitter has flagged the tweet since, as it was deemed to contain misleading information.

The claim is false because all states have checks in place which helps them in preventing the issue of multiple voting. There is also the post election audits process, where every vote is verified before they are counted. In this process, the electoral officers would be able to find out if a vote has been counted already, and when this happens, the vote becomes void.

Also, according to a report on AP News should a voter decide to show up at the polling station after voting through mail, the poll book will indicate that such a person has been issued with a mail-in ballot, which would prevent the voter from getting a new ballot.

In some states, if the voter's mail-in ballot has not arrived yet, and the voter managed to vote in person, the mail-in ballot will be voided during the verification processes. However, in the case that the mail-in ballot has been accepted and counted, the voter would not be allowed to cast another ballot. Should the voter dispute the decision of the electoral officers, some states may allow for a provisional ballot to be given. These procedures may differ from state to state, but the most important thing is, the electoral laws currently available definitely doesn't give room for double or multiple voting. This claim is false.

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