Were Thousands Of Suspect Votes Found At Wisconsin Recounts In Dane County?

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By Olumide Akinlaja December 03, 2020

Since the conclusion of the election, much of the information circulated on social media has been misleading and misinforming.

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Look at this blogpost, for example, published by Jim Hoft in the Gateway Pundit. It was alleged that thousands of suspect votes were found at Wisconsin recount in Dane County, with photos and reports from GOP observer. The post, whose word count was no longer than 100 words, failed to shed more light on the source of the published information.

Who is Jim Hoft?

Jim Hoft is the owner and editor of the Gateway Pundit website. According to Wikipedia, the website is known for publishing falsehoods, hoaxes, and conspiracy theories. It has been described by Newsweek as a fake news website, and by CNN as a website "prone to peddling conspiracy theories.

How True is the Claim?

Apart from the fact that Jim Hoft and the Gateway Pundit are known for misinformation, the photo-proof shared on the website, bearing the initials MLW, cannot be traced to any of the voters. As confirmed by Dane County Clerk, Scott McDonell, these are the initials of the Madison clerk, Maribeth L. Witzel-Behl, who administered the elections. There is nothing fishy about this.

To further lend credence to this, in the recount done in Wisconsin, Biden was reported to win over Trump. The recount reaffirmed Biden as the president-elect of America's most secure election in history.

What is the Verdict?

The report that thousands of suspect votes were found at Wisconsin Recounts in Dane County, was both false and intentionally misleading. It is manipulative and has no credible source whatsoever.

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