Were Pre-marked Ballots Received By Some New York Residents?

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By Hezekiah Oluwole November 03, 2020

Since late October, Twitter users have been sharing the claim that some mail-in-ballots have already been filled out for Democratic candidates before they arrived.

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The origin of this claim can be traced back to a Twitter video posted by Jake Novak, a veteran TV news producer on Oct. 3.

In the video, Novak shows a mail-in-ballot belonging to a resident of Queens Village, NY, and explains that the ballot had been pre-marked before it arrived and with the way the boxes were filled, it looked like it was punched by a machine. However, Novak was wrong.

According to AP News, the electoral commission has reviewed the ballot ID which was shared by Novak in the video and contacted the original owner in California.

The original owner confirmed that she received a blank ballot and was the one who filled in the spaces for Democratic candidates. However, the mix up seems to have occurred because she used the wrong envelope to post the ballot. As a result, the ballot ended up in the house she used to live in before.

On Twitter, the New York City Board of Elections posted; "Actually it looks like it was filled out by hand and we have previously stated we have not received any reports of this happening" in response to Novak's post.


The Board also mentioned that what Novak did was misinformation and the "height of irresponsibility". The claim that pre-filled ballots are sent to voters is false.

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