Vaccines Developed By Bill Gates To Remove Parts Of Your DNA?

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By Olumide Akinlaja November 20, 2020

A post, which appears to be an offshoot, has gone viral on Instagram. Shared by one user with the name Akademiks, the screenshot has about 75, 000 likes and almost 7, 000 comments.

Contained in the screenshot is the photo of American rapper, Nle Chopper, with a statement that claims vaccines developed by Bill Gates can alter your DNA.

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He further claims that RNA coding will remove parts of your DNA and replace it with genetic coding, which has the tendency to disable spirituality and cause everyone to cooperate with the New World Order. How true is this claim?

Going forward, we probed key elements of RNA, DNA and genetic coding. We also checked on the personality of Nle Chopper, if he is prone to conspiracy theories, and Bill Gates.

Who is Nle Chopper & Did He Say That?

Nle Chopper is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and internet personality. In August 2020, he leaned towards spirituality and launched a YouTube channel called "Awakened Choppa".

While the account of Nle Chopper seems to have been suspended on Twitter, there are reasons to believe he made that statement about Bill Gates. This is not the first time he would be suspended from social media. He was banned from Instagram in early 2020 due to non-compliance with rules.

Does Bill Gates Develop Vaccines?

Bill Gates funds pharmaceutical companies and does not himself develop vaccines. The Covid-19 vaccines are developed by competing professional medical teams, with reports suggesting incredible improvements made by Pfizer/BioNtech, and Moderna. This is not to say other pharma companies are not making progress to develop their vaccines. So, there is nothing like Bill Gates vaccines.

RNA Coding, DNA & Genetic Coding

A number of candidate vaccines for Covid-19 use gene-based modification, which is cheaper and faster than traditional vaccines.

Rather than use killed versions of a virus to formulate vaccines, a RNA/DNA vaccine takes a portion of the virus genetic information to produce protein directly at your cells, and therefore enhance your immune system.

The new vaccines do not directly affect or alter your DNA. Their genetic modifications are not from humans, but from the virus. What they do is release proteins into your cells to improve your immune system.

Bottom Line

Going by all the evidences available, it is safe to say this claim is a conspiracy theory. It's false, misleading, and has no supporting basis or evidence whatsoever.

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