UK Government makes goodwill payments?

From Fakezap
By D Geetha Madhuri April 01, 2020

Several UK residents received a text message informing that Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customers (HMRC), along with the NHS was promising 258 pounds as a part of their contribution towards Corona battle. The text message contained a link that was supposed to be clicked by the user so that the amount would be credited.

Screenshot of Dorchester Police Facebook warning people not to click onto the link on the covid-19 HMRC payment message.

Upon clicking the link, user is asked for credit card information where the amount falsely claimed to be credited. After the information is provided, the app just crashed, stealing the credit card details. These details are later used to be sold in the DarkNet or for credit card frauds. Dorchester Police shared the screenshot of this message on their Facebook page and warned everyone that it is a scam and that the link should not be clicked. Several more text scams were rolled out by scammers tempting the mobile customers of some free cash.

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