Time Magazine Calls Obama The Kingpin Of The Biggest Political Scandal In Modern History?

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By Olumide Akinlaja November 27, 2020

In a video post shared on Facebook by one user with the name Monique Capelta, former President, Barack Obama was labelled as the kingpin of the biggest political scandal in modern history. The post which has gone viral since has attracted a lot of attentions from various quarters, but how true is the claim?

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The first thing to note here is that, there are many red flags to take away from this video. For instance, it contains plenty of memes and photoshopped pictures showing the former president in a bad light, and Facebook currently flags the post as Fake News and misleading.

Was Obama a Kingpin?

In his eight years of presidency and even after, Barack Obama showed no traits of a kingpin. A kingpin is someone who controls an organization or activity. As such, Obama does not (and cannot) control the Democratic Party. Also, he did not spearhead any of the campaign activities put forward by President-elect, Joe Biden.

The duty of Obama during the election was a responsibility as a friend and party member. He only joined Joe Biden’s campaign train at the final lap, a gesture of support. The allegation of being a kingpin is hence false.

Did Time Magazine Publish the Claim?

Going by all evidences, Time Magazine never published any news or headline with that header as the front page. This was verified by checking all the Time magazine issues from 2008 till date, and nothing of the sort was found. Like many pictures seen in the amateur video, that picture is a product of the good old photoshop.

Are the Pictures Real?

Most of the pictures in the video have already been proven by previous fact checks to be false. The video of him kissing David Cameron, those showing him posing in pictures in Islamic sect regalia, the one with Osama bin laden are all products of a photoshop contest. They were used at various times during Obama’s campaign and tenure as President to push propagandist agendas against him.

In Summary, the claims in the video are fake, misleading and are definitely looks like the brain child of propagandists. The claims should be disregarded.

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