This Viral Solar Eclipse Picture Is NOT Clicked by British Pilot

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By D Geetha Madhuri June 28, 2020

The Annual Solar Eclipse on June 21, 2020 paved the way to the internet being flooded with eclipse pictures from both amateurs and professional photographers alike. When a Twitter user shared a stunning picture of Solar Eclipse, it soon went viral and was widely shared among Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp platforms. The photo was claimed to have been clicked by a British pilot while flying over the Atlantic Ocean. The picture showed Sun covered with Moon like a beautiful Ring of Fire over the clouds and a flight in the background.

However, a reverse image search on Google pointed that this picture was uploaded to the Internet in 2017 as a stock image. The older picture did not have an airplane but was later photoshopped to be used as a fake image of this annual solar eclipse. The original picture was a digital artwork shared on Pinterest and was also sold on Shutterstock by an artist – Muratart. It is practically impossible to capture this image from an airplane window without using a solar filter and appropriate lens and NASA Guidelines also explain how an eclipse image can be photoshopped using simple steps with a phone or a DSLR camera.

So, if you have already seen this image, as stunning as it may look you must know that it’s a photoshopped image and not a real one. If you haven’t received it, chances are you will soon and you’ll know better to flag it as a fake one.

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