No, Biden Did Not Fail An Initial Cognitive Test

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By Olumide Akinlaja December 08, 2020

America's Last Line of Defense published a post that has Franklin D. Roosevelt and Joe Biden in them. It was opined by the author, Benjamin Thompson, that for the first time in history, the president-elect — Joe Biden — has failed the Dunning-Kruger cognitive test for presidents.

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But this is not true, as the post itself is claimed to be satirical. Satire is best understood in the word of Mona Elthaway, who likened it to a marriage of civil disobedience to a laugh track, a potent brew of derision and lack of respect that acts as a nettle sting on the thin skin of the humorless.

The satire can be deduced in one of the blog contexts in which Benjamin Thompson puts that Biden is reported as having come in at a mere 61 percent in the cognitive test that consists of 100 multiple choices of true or false questions. He went on to say that’s a D- in layman’s terms.

However, satire apart, America's Last Line of Defense has been proven to be a disinformation website, a network of sites that publish made-up stories aimed at tricking conservatives into sharing them, by exploring political satire. This is one of their games.

In a post as far back as August, Biden said in an interview with the National Association of Black Journalists and National Association of Hispanic Journalists, that he had not taken a cognitive test. This is the only report about his cognitive test, and no other new report has been made about it so far.

In conclusion, the post that Biden fails a cognitive test should be seen for what it is — satirical or best ignored.

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