Netflix offering free subscriptions - Scam!

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By D Geetha Madhuri April 01, 2020
Netflix free subscription scam message

A new scam circulated in Facebook Messenger quickly went viral claiming that Netflix was offering a free subscription for 2 months. Once the user clicks on that link, after multiple steps’ process, the links point to a fake Facebook page for Netflix. By then, the user’s Facebook login credentials would be scammed.

If the user clicks on the link while being logged in to Facebook, this scam page asks permissions from the user to use their credentials. If the user isn’t logged in to Facebook, it opens up a fake page where user’s credentials are asked for. The scammers then take the user to a fake Netflix page with COVID 19 survey and Netflix offer. Once they click on any of these links, the user is cornered to sharing this offer with at least 20 more people or 5 groups to receive the Netflix offer. Even if the user tries to exit the process midway, the malware pushes the user to take one of their intended actions to close out.

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