Justin Bieber Highlights Child Abuse In Hollywood & Music Industry? – False

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Date: 2020/07/27
Authors: Bilal Aftab Usman

A recent viral Facebook post is making the rounds claiming that Justin Bieber gave an interview in 2017. The post has been shared over 4 thousand times. Another similar post has been shared nearly 3 thousand times, with almost the exact wording.

Justin Bieber child abuse hollywood music industry.png

The interview is titled “Music Industry: The Gate To Hell - Justin Bieber Speaks Out About Pedophilia & Abuse In Hollywood”. Images in the Facebook posts show excerpts from the interview and detail why Justin Bieber quit his tour in 2017. The interview also states that Bieber was nearly forced into sexually abusing a young boy in a party due to pressure from elites in the industry.

However, these posts are completely unsubstantiated and do not offer any valid sources for these outrageous claims. The website that the interview is hosted on, Steemit.com, is simply a blogging and social media website and not a news organization. Furthermore, the sources that are listed for the interview all lead to dead links and are completely unverifiable.

Fact-checking website Snopes.com tried to verify similar claims in an article and could find no instances of the quotes from the interview in mainstream outlets. The only factual claim in the post is that Justin Bieber canceled his 2017 “Purpose” tour. However the reasons for doing so are very different, as reported by RollingStone.com, with Bieber saying that he is aiming for “just resting and getting some relaxation.”

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