Is Trump Using A Melania Trump ‘Stunt Double’?

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By Hezekiah Oluwole October 31, 2020

There has been a rumor that US President Donald Trump used a Melania Trump double on one of his campaign trail. Before now, there had been persistent rumors that the US First lady uses body doubles for public appearances. But the recent October 24th tweet from the media has given it more interest.

Twitter claim on Trump Using A Melania Trump ‘Stunt Double’.png

The claim in this rumor is that the alleged body double, pictured with Donald Trump entering a helicopter that day does not look like her (Melania Trump)

The single picture taken by Associated Press Photographer Alex Brandon, of Trump and his wife leaving the White House for the Presidential debate in Nashville on the Thursday 22nd of October has been the basis of the stunt double.

Available on the internet and news platforms are other photographs of the first lady like the one below, refuting the STUNT DOUBLE claim.

First lady walks well.jpg

The same AP photographer whose photograph purported the Stunt Double claim, also had photographs of the Trumps on other times and place of that day. There are many unedited minutes of video of the Trumps on Bloomberg News showing that Melania was not looking different. She was also televised at the presidential debate here around 10:30pm of the said date, which is also an evidence of her presence at the said time and place.

In other stories, the Stunt double rumor has been recently fueled by the striking resemblance of Melania and her Secret Service Agent. But Jonathan Wackrow, a former Secret Service Agent had since come out to say that though there is a resemblance but the said Agent is slightly shorter than Melania.

The Melania Trump Stunt Double claim gained no validation in the other photographs of that day. The photographs and videos of her debate appearance, movement in the White House and their departure from the White House all tag the rumor that Donald Trump used a Melania stunt double as FALSE.

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