Is Tom Hanks A Pedophile ?

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Date: 2020/07/30
Authors: Hezekiah Oluwole

The news going around on social media is that the famous actor and one America's beloved celebrity, Tom Hanks was arrested in Australia for pedophilia.

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This claim is not disconnected from the various conspiracy theories which emerged as a result of the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell on July 2. Since then, internet users and especially members of far right groups have designated some people such as Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres as part of the child molesting elites. Of course this is not true.

The social media posts claiming that Tom Hanks was arrested are in the form of a screenshot of another post with the words; "Look who has a new ankle bracelet! Tom Hanks. Some of you don’t know it but Mr. Hanks was arrested in Australia for pedophilia. He went on national TV to say he had COVID-19 and he was quarantine himself. Not true. He was in custody for a time then house arrest is (sic) in his hotel. Now, he’s a flight risk.” and a collage of Tom Hanks with a green bandana. This post points to a ruffled part of Tom Hank's trousers as the ankle monitor although there is no visible evidence of it.

Tom Hanks and his wife tested positive in Australia on March 11, 2020 and by March 22, they were already reported to have been spotted driving around Los Angeles.

The pictures used in the post were used in a news article by Daily Mail on the 21st of May, 2020 and they were all taken in Los Angeles, not Australia where the post claims he was under house arrest.

Thus, there is no truth to this claim and the "ankle monitor" is nothing but wrinkled fabric.

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