Is This Real ? Biden And Harris Sit Proudly In Front Of A Burning US Flag

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By Hezekiah Oluwole October 27, 2020

There’s a picture of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris sitting in front of a burning American flag circulating on social media. It has gained a large number of views, running into millions, on Facebook in particular, and engagement has been equally massive. However, it is an altered picture.

A Burning US Flag.jpg

From a glance, the discrepancy between their picture and the background is more than obvious. The picture appears to have been taken by daylight, but the flag burning in the background seems to have taken place at night. This implies the merging of two different pictures for the explicit purpose of spreading misinformation, which would mean that the picture is not real.

To prove this, all it takes is to find the original pictures that were merged to create this altered photo.

The picture of Biden and Harris was taken on August 15, 2020, outside Wilmington, in the state of Delaware. This is the original picture below.

Biden and Harris orignal.jpg

The picture of the flag-burning crowd in the background was taken on June 1, 2020, during a demonstration against police brutality in Arlington. The original picture of the protesters burning the US flag is provided below.

Stand united America burning flag.jpg

From these, it can be seen that the circulating picture of Biden and Harris sitting in front of a burning US flag is not real at all.

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