Is This Image Of A Police Officer In 'Trump's America' Real?

From Fakezap
Date: 2020/07/30
Authors: Hezekiah Oluwole

Social media posts attached to a picture purported to be of armed military officers in certain unnamed places in the United States of America are circulating on the internet with outrage.

Twitter Claim of a Police Officer.png

 These posts and pictures are part of a series of other posts and pictures purporting to show the state of 'Trump's America' from May 25, 2020 when George Floyd Jr died and the Black Lives Matter protests began.

Many of the recent pictures are from Portland where paramilitary officers have been deployed by the Trump's administration to curb what was increasingly becoming a violent protest in the State.

Additionally, Trump has promised that after Portland, his administration will further deploy federal law enforcement officers to other states in the United States to quell violence from protesters.

The picture in question is the image of an armed police officer who appears to be in a futuristic suit from head to toe. On the side of the helmet is a small American flag.

The Twitter user who posted this picture stated that; "Look at the desecrated flag on the helmet. Private Security Company. Ballistic face mask, helmet & body armor. If it can be proven that the DHS uniformed agents are Blackwater, there needs to be a case before the Supreme Court immediately. This is a clear violation of the Constitution".

However, the picture is not of any police man in the United States. By conducting a reverse Google search on the picture, we were able to discover that the image was created in 2016 by a digital artist named Michael Andrew Nash. It is a computer generated image and can be found on the artist's Instagram profile and personal website.

Reverse Google Search.png

Thus, news flying around on social media that policemen in Trump's America have been overly militarized is not true.

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