Is This Anubis, The Egyptian god Of The Dead On COVID-19 Testing Trucks?

From Fakezap
Date: 2020/07/26
Authors: Hezekiah Oluwole

Wrong information concerning the logo of the mobile Covid-19 testing centers in the United States is circulating on the internet via far right groups and social media users.

Covid 19 Testing Truck.jpg

These users claim that the logo on the truck closely resembles the head of the Egyptian god, Anubis who is often seen as the god of death and afterlife.

These claims are supported by images of the logo on the truck along with pictures of Anubis' head and a screenshot of a brief description of the god. The posts are usually attached with reiterations to erroneously buttress the point that there is some satanism at work with Covid-19 and its testing.

"Unless I'm very much mistaken, that is Anubis, God of the dead, on the Covid testing stations. And people still don't believe in the Satanic underbelly ruling this world", a July 22 Facebook version of the claim reads. However, none of this is true.

The logo of the truck is not a symbol of Anubis. Rather, it is the logo of Aadvark Mobile Tours, a Pennsylvania based business founded by CEO Larrry Borden in West Conshohocken. The name of the truck is Aadvark Mobile Health and it is a conversion of one of the company's patented vehicles. It has helped with a lot of testing in Miami and the logo was not inspired by the god at all.

The logo is inspired by the name of the company, Aardvark which is an insect eating animal native of Africa. It has a long snout like a pig and long ears like the jackals or wolves which the image of the Egyptian god is related to.


Although the Covid-19 pandemic is responsible for over 600,000 deaths around the world, it is not true that Anubis, The Egyptian god of the dead is associated with it.

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