Is This A Photograph Of Joe Biden's Mansion?

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By Hezekiah Oluwole October 21, 2020

Recently, Eric Trump, the son of Donald Trump made an allegation against Joe Biden, the Democratic Presidential nominee of the United States of America on social media, this allegation is false.

Photograph Of Joe Biden's Mansion.png

The allegation is in the form of a Twitter post where Trump tried to justify the words; "The salary of a U.S. Senator is $174,000 per year. This is Joe Biden’s house…. seems legit" with the picture of a 5 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms house in Wilmington, Delaware estimated to be $1,643,478.

This post and picture are also shared on Trump's Facebook and Instagram pages in what seems to be an attempt to discredit Biden's finances.

According to USA TODAY, Joe Biden bought the house in the picture in 1974 for $185,000 when it was about to be demolished. By using it well and making some repairs to the house which was falling apart, Biden was able to sell it for $1.2 million twenty years after.

In September, Town and Country posted the same image used by Trump in an article titled; "All of Joe Biden's Homes, In Photos". According to the magazine, Joe Biden bought the house after his first wife died.

According to Business Insider, Biden has always been interested in real estate which was why even as a young Senator, he used to take out loans to obtain properties within his pay range.

Eric's point that Biden cannot buy a property of $1.2 million is also false. In August 2019, Forbes estimated Biden's net worth to be around $9 million with $4 million tied up in properties. He earned all this money from speaking gigs after his Vice presidency.

The allegations made by Eric Trump are false.

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