Is McDonald's In Liverpool Infested With Rodents?

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By Hezekiah Oluwole July 17, 2020

A video claiming to show a rat infestation in a Liverpool branch of the McDonald's restaurant has been circulating on social media since earlier this month. This video is false.

The low quality video which was first posted on July 8 by a Facebook user where it was reposted several times is an edited version of two different unrelated videos.

The origin of the first part of the video can be traced back to an incident which occurred in a McDonald's restaurant in Washington DC in 2018 where the restaurant was closed down following a viral video shot by a woman from the restaurant's drive-thru. This event was followed up by health inspections before the popular restaurant was reopened.

Since then, claims like this of rat sightings in different McDonald's restaurants have been made. For example in June 2019 that video was claimed by some social media users to have been filmed in Dearborn at the Ford Road McDonald's location before it was promptly debunked by Press & Guide.

Like the first part of the clip the second part also appeared in 2018, in China and has been used as evidence of many fictional rat infestations since then.

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