Is Kroger Raising Funds for Black Lives Matter Movement Through a Charge in Their Receipt?

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By Olumide Akinlaja July 26, 2020

In the past three days, many social media posts have been sharing a supposed Kroger receipt that includes a BLM charge, BLM being Black Lives Matter. The picture is very popular particularly on Twitter, and Kroger has been accused of raising funds for the Black Lives Matter movement through this charge. One Twitter Post sharing the image contained the following words, ‘Kroger’s has added a BLM charge to your bill! Time to shop elsewhere!’

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In the light of the current situation, it is important to look at all the facts and find out if the receipt being passed around is valid, and if Kroger has indeed been charging its customers a fee to raise funds for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Going by all the evidences available, there is no truth to this claim that Kroger is adding a BLM charge on its receipt. According to a report on Snopes, when Kroger was contacted, their spokesperson had confirmed that there is no truth to the claim, and the receipt was altered from an original receipt. The Snopes report also said the Kroger spokesperson confirmed that the 0.59 cents attributed to BLM Charge was actually for change shortage.

We also did a little more digging on our part, and we found the original receipt on Twitter. Indeed, the original receipt as seen here doesn’t contain any charge for BLM, and the section was indeed recorded for ‘Change Shortage’ which seems to be a major headache in the country currently as seen in this Forbes article.

As of the time of writing, no Kroger customer has come out with any fact that suggests Kroger is charging any BLM charge. Not even one, except the one being shared all over the social media.

Every fact leads to the conclusion that this is a classic case of Photoshop and image manipulation by some pranksters, and we can confirm that Kroger doesn’t have any BLM Charge on its receipt.

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