Is George Soros The Owner Of Missouri Independent?

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By Olumide Akinlaja December 05, 2020

George Soros is the new name at the end of a Facebook misinformation. In a post shared on Facebook by Liberty Alliance, liked 300+ times, and shared 500+ times, the American billionaire was accused of starting a fake news site in Missouri.

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The post was captioned thus: “Beware - George Soros is starting a fake news site in Missouri. Don't fall for it - the Missouri Independent is Bad News”.

This claim did not start here. It was solidified by the refusal of Republican Gov. Mike Parson to answer Missouri Independent reporter Rudi Keller’s question at a press response. The governor's excuse was that Missouri Independent runs out of Virginia, and so is a propaganda news agency. In addition to that, he quoted the news outlet to be a political agenda, possibly owned by George Soros, whose activities are unfair to Missouri outlets.

George Soros, according to Wikipedia, is a Hungarian-born American billionaire, investor, and philanthropist. He has donated more than $32 billion to the Open Society Foundations, many of which lean liberal enough to provoke conservative thoughts. Some of the causes he funded are claimed to not share conservative beliefs.

The claimant, Liberty Alliance, is a political group that advocates for conservative affairs. This explains why the business tycoon is at the end of a non-liberal claim from the group.

Starting with the Missouri Independent, we found on their website that the news outlet was recently created in October. Nonpartisan, nonprofit, and staffed with veteran Missouri reporters, they are supported by grants and a coalition of donors and readers. But they retain full editorial independence, and all editorial decisions are made by their journalists. Donors do not influence their content.

How George Soros got linked to the newsroom is therefore obvious. The strain between the liberal and the conservative, stretched by the concluded American election, has generated more controversies and conspiracy theories than any other American election. This is further aided by the rise of technology and social media.

Considering all statements, the claim is false and misleading and must be treated as one. It has no basis other than personal sentiments and bias. It is both unproven and unfounded.

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