Is British Airways Shutting Down And Dismissing All Staff?

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By Bilal Aftab Usman July 03, 2020

Recently several viral social media posts have claimed that British Airways, the flag carrier airline of the UK, will be closing down all of its flight operations. The claim originates from this video and has been circulating on Facebook posts, Twitter, and reuploads on YouTube. The video is titled “Thank You and Goodbye from the staff of British Airways” and mentions the 70-year long history of service of the airline.

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However, the claim is false as British Airways has not made any such announcement officially on their website or their social media accounts. In fact, British Airways posted a video on their YouTube channel saying that it is “Looking forward to welcoming you back on board”.

Furthermore, their Twitter account has made tweets outlining several flexibility features for customers, such as changing the booking details for bookings made by 31 August 2020 for flights till 30 April 2021. This further suggests that the airline is still operating currently and has no plans of shutting down at least in the near future as the video claims.

Additionally, the account which uploaded the original video, Unite the Union Yout, claims to be the YouTube channel for Unite the Union, a union representing the British Airways cabin crew. However, this is also false. The official channel for the union has made no such video. Unite the Union Yout is a parody account.

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