Have Black Lives Matter Proponents Purchased Buses to Convey its Members to Riots?

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Date: 2020/07/28
Authors: Olumide Akinlaja

Several social media posts, especially on Twitter have been going around with the claim that the Black Lives Matter movement has purchased a number of luxury buses to convey its members to riots across the country.

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In most of these tweets, the BLM and its organizers have been described as hypocrites who could afford billions of dollars to invest in luxury buses for rioting, but have failed to helped the ‘Black Kids’ in their various communities. As can be seen in this Tweet, the author had included pictures of two buses with ‘Black Lives Matter’ written boldly on them, and he included the following words in the post, ‘#BLM was formed 7 years ago & has raised over 1 BILLION DOLLARS! NOT one neighborhood clean-up, NOT one Black child sent to college, NO help given to inner cities communities ravaged by violence. Nothing to show for it! They’ve bought buses though to transport members to RIOTS’. Further tweets with similar claims can be found here, here and also here.

While it seems as though these luxury buses truly belonged to the Black Lives Matter movement, a further research into the available facts have shown that these social media claims are not correct, and the buses being shared around in these tweets do not belong to Black Lives Matter.

According to an article on blogTO, a Toronto local news and culture blog on July 9th, the buses in the pictures actually belonged to Canadian based NBA team, Toronto Raptors. The NBA side also released a similar post on their verified Twitter account on the same day with images of the luxury buses as can be seen here.

Every findings point to the direction that the luxury buses being shared around in these viral posts do not belong to the Black Lives Matter, as they are the properties of Toronto Raptors.

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