Has Tucker Carlson Announced He Is Leaving Fox News For NewsMax?

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By Olumide Akinlaja November 18, 2020

The social media is buzzing with the news of the movement of Tucker Carlson from Fox News to Newsmax. This was triggered by a post on Facebook, shared by one Judy Long, with the caption, "Good news, Tucker Carlson is moving to Newsmax where the truth prevails."

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The said post is generating likes and shares every day as more people engage with it. It currently has more than 1200 likes, close to 500 shares and about 200 comments. But how true is this claim?

Tucker Carlson is the host of the "Tucker Carlson Tonight" on Fox News, which is the most-watched cable news program in history with the show drawing in about 5.3 million viewers in October.

The link of his exit from Fox News to Newsmax does not go without a basis. Since Fox News projected Joe Biden to be the President of the United States, some citizens saw this projection to be left-wing propaganda. Newsmax, on the other hand, is seen as right-wing and pandering to Donald Trump.

To clarify the claim above about Tucker Carlson, we checked the official social media accounts of all the parties involved in the caption — from Fox News, Newsmax, to Tucker Carlson himself. The result is that none of these parties posted any claim that relates to Tucker Carlson moving from Fox News to Newsmax.

We checked also the recent news about Tucker Carlson to further lend credence to this premise. In the last 16 hours, Daily Mail published a report about Tucker Carlson. In the report, Tucker Carlson was reported to debunk the claim of his announcement to join Newsmax. He went ahead to say he would be expanding his show at Fox News.

As seen from these pieces of research, the claim that Tucker Carlson had announced he would be leaving Fox News for Newsmax is unfounded and scheming at most. There is no official news backing this up. None from Fox News. None from Newsmax. And none from Tucker Carlson himself. As such, this claim is false!

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