Government Planning Forced Vaccinations Using Killer COVID-19 Vaccine?

From Fakezap
Date: 2020/07/27
Authors: Bilal Aftab Usman

A viral Facebook post is making the rounds and voicing fears over how the government may handle the COVID-19 pandemic. The post has been shared over 15 thousand times. The post claims that the government could lockdown and forcibly test children for coronavirus in school due to a recently passed healthcare act. The post further goes on to claim that the government could enforce the administration of “killer vaccines” to children as well as their families as a result.

Killer Vaccine Facebook Post.png

While most of the post is simply conjecture on what could happen in the future, we can fact check the portion of the post that mentions the “new healthcare act” that is the basis for the predictions.

According to, a website that tracks bills and their status in Congress, no such healthcare act mentioning vaccines has been mentioned in a bill. While President Trump did state on 16th July that he will sign a new healthcare plan in two weeks, he did not suggest that the bill would enforce mandatory vaccines.

H.R. 7152: Reopen Our Schools Act is a bill that was introduced recently on 11th July regarding the reopening and federal funding of schools. However, the bill makes no mention of isolating children or administering vaccines. Furthermore, the bill still needs to be considered by a committee before it can be passed into effect.

As there is no such bill or healthcare act that has been passed as the post claims, we can rate it as false.

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