German Doctor Arrested By Police For Violating Covid-19 Regulations?

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By Osama Aftab Usman December 03, 2020

A recent viral Instagram post claims that a doctor from Germany was arrested in a police raid during a livestream. The post claims that Doctor Andreas Noack’s apartment was raided by armed police due to violations of regulations put in place for COVID-19. The post has over 10 thousand views currently and further states that the arrest may have been due to Noack’s involvement in providing medical assistance to anti-lockdown protestors. The post contains a video of the incident showing police entering the apartment, restraining Noack, and then shutting down the livestream camera.

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However, the claims presented in the post are inaccurate. The viral video sparked discussion online but local police clarified on Twitter that the operation was not directed towards Noack. As the investigation was still ongoing, they declined to offer further details.

Fact-checking site investigated the claim and contacted the Generalstaatsanwaltschaft (chief prosecutor’s office) in Berlin. They confirmed that the reason for the raid was not Noack. The house search was a part of an investigation of another person. Police conducting the raid had a search warrant for the apartment building that Noack was residing in at the time. Noack was not arrested during the operation.

Secondly, there is no evidence that Noack was involved in anti-lockdown protests. The protests took place in Berlin’s governmental district. However, Noack lives in the state of Bavaria which is 300 miles away from Berlin, and was livestreaming on the day of the protests. Furthermore, Noack has a Ph.D. in chemistry and is not a medical doctor. This disproves the claim that he was providing medical assistance to protestors.

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