Five Guys Burgers Refuse To Serve Cops? – False

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By Bilal Aftab Usman July 26, 2020

A viral Facebook post claims that fast-food chain Five Guys Burgers refuses to serve police officers. The post has been shared over 115 thousand times. The post goes on to suggest that the Facebook user will be boycotting Five Guys Burgers and that the company will bankrupt themselves due to this.

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However, the claim made by the post is inaccurate. The incident referred to in the post occurred on 7th July 2020 when several employees at the Five Guys Burgers in an Alabama store turned their backs on three police officers when they entered the restaurant. The news of the incident spread quickly on social media and local TV station Fox10 covered the incident. A corporate spokesperson for Five Guys clarified that this is not part of their company policy and apologized to the local police, stating that they will investigate the incident.

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USA Today reported on 10th July 2020 that the group of employees have been fired or suspended. The Five Guys branch made a statement on Facebook further clarifying that they are committed to fair, respectful, and equal treatment of their customers. And that the actions of the employees do not represent the Five Guys or the local franchisee.

As the incident occurred due to the actions of some employees and not due to Five Guys Burger’s policies. Five Guys Burgers continues to operate out of all of its locations in Daphne, Alabama. Therefore, we can rate the claim in the post as false.

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