From Fakezap

At FakeZap, we have a single mission:

To Capture and Debunk all fake news, hoaxes and scams.

We are independent, not affiliated to or funded by any political party or politician. We do not take sides. Our reporting is based on facts, not opinion. We will debunk false information or scams whenever we find them.

FakeZap is built on a wiki platform to garner the collaboration power of its users.  

There are 2 ways you can help contribute to this cause:

  1. Write fact check articles to debunk fake news, misinformation and scams;
  2. File a Request For Investigation if you suspect something is amiss with a news article, a social media post, an image or a video. We and our writers will try our best to debunk it if it is false.

We encourage and welcome you to join us in the zapper community to fight, expose and correct falsehoods. Let's zap the fakes.