Fact or Faux: Starbucks to Give Free Frappuccinos to Anyone Who Yells 'Black Lives Matter' on Premises

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By Hezekiah Oluwole June 10, 2020

Since last week Thursday, a fake promotion which was purportedly posted by Starbucks has been circulating online. This fake promotion claims that Starbucks will give "a free Frappuccino" of choice to anyone who shouts "Black Lives Matter" in any of their stores and "the louder you shout the larger the size you'll get".

This promotion has been discovered to be untrue.

In a report given by USA Today, the origin of the speculations associated with the post can be traced through Facebook user, Dan Falconoski, who posted the picture on his Facebook page along with the story that he got free frappuccinos for free at Starbucks after shouting black lives matter and showing the worker a copy of the Promotion.

This post was further shared by more than 8000 people before it was finally debunked by Dan Falconiski, in an edited version of the first post.

In this post he explained that it wasn't true and that he just wanted to prove that all it took was a promise of a free drink for people to jump on a social bandwagon.

In an interview with USA today he explained that the post was a social experiment he devised with his friends to check what people's reaction to such a thing would be.

Starbucks also tweeted on June 5 that the offer is fake and did not originate from Starbucks.

This fake Starbucks' promotional post is like the fake Starbucks' coupon on Covid-19 circulating online earlier this year.

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