Fact Or Faux: Malia Obama's Credit Card Photo Found On Hunter Biden's Laptop

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By Osama Aftab Usman October 31, 2020

Recently a viral Instagram post has been making the rounds claiming that an image of a credit card belonging to Malia Obama, former President Obama’s eldest daughter, was found on a laptop purported to be owned by Hunter Biden. The Instagram post has over 1600 likes currently. The post contains an image of the credit card, which has “Malia A. Obama” listed as the name, along with unfounded claims that it was used to “chop and line up cocaine”.

Instagram Post Claims Malia Obama Credit Card Photo Found on Hunter Biden Laptop

The post follows a flurry of similar social media posts reporting on scandalous materials that have been presumably recovered from the hard drive of a laptop alleged to belong to Hunter Biden, son of Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden.

However, the claim is false as there is no proof that the card does belong to Malia Obama. Reverse-searching the image shows that the image has been circulating on the internet since at least December 2019. Media Take Out News covered the story, stating that the credit card was stolen by hackers and posted online.

Examining the image itself, the credit card says “member since 2011” meaning that Malia Obama would have received the credit card at the age of 13. As the minimum age for opening a credit card account in your own name is 18, this further casts doubt on the assertion that the card was owned by the former President Obama’s daughter rather than another individual who shares the same name as her.

Additionally, there is no evidence that the photo was even present on the hard drive of the laptop. The New York Post broke the story regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop along with several documents and images that were claimed to come from the laptop. However, the photo of the credit card was not included in the article. Furthermore, the contents of the laptop have not been shared with other news outlets for review or confirmation. Politico reported that several intelligence officials doubted the accuracy of the story and that it may be “Russian disinformation”.

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