Fact Or Faux: Deadly Military Robot Created By Israel Defense Force?

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By Osama Aftab Usman December 03, 2020

A recent viral tweet claims that the Israeli Military has created a new highly advanced military robot. The tweet contains a video showcasing the capabilities of the robot in question with the caption “amazing robot from Israel don’t miss”. The tweet states “Amazing #Military #robot from #Israel. Hats off to the officers experimenting with this deadly weaponised robot by risking their lives. This shows their confidence in the machine designed to take care of predators and terrorists with clinical precision”

Military Robot Created By Israel Defense Forces.png

The video has been viewed over 300 thousand times. The video is 1 minute and 46 seconds in length and shows the robot shooting targets accurately with a pistol, recovering from being kicked down and taking part in an obstacle course among other activities.

However, the claim made by the post is false. The source of the video in question is not any military or weapon’s manufacturer company. The full version of the video is 4 minutes and 12 seconds in length and was uploaded on October 26 2019 by the Youtube channel Corridor Digital. The video is titled “New Robot Makes Soldiers Obsolete (Corridor Digital)” and has been viewed over 49 million times and is one of their most popular videos.

Corridor Digital makes videos that heavily utilize CGI and visual effects to appear realistic, as can be seen in their behind-the-scenes videos that are uploaded on their secondary channel.

Altnews.in covered the topic as well and debunked similar claims that state the video shows a real US Delta Force military robot. As the video mentioned in the post is not sourced from any military, the claim is debunked.

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