Does Twitter Read Before You Retweet Warning Only Target Conservative Circles?

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By Hezekiah Oluwole October 27, 2020

A claim recently made by a conservative Twitter handle implied that Twitter’s Read Before You Retweet Warning feature only targets tweets made by conservatives. This accusation means that Twitter is being biased.

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This is not the first time the accusation is being made by conservatives. On October 18, a Twitter user accused Twitter of unnecessarily censoring "basic conservative opinions".

Twitter itself has addressed this claim, stating exactly why it introduced this new feature, and what purpose it is meant to serve.

Twitter support claim Read Before You Retweet.png

This, according to Twitter Support, is meant to “promote informed discussion” by ensuring that a user knows the content of whatever article they intend to share, thus allowing them to participate properly in any ensuing conversation.

This feature has been under testing since the month of June, and as can be seen below, it applies articles from other websites too.

The only reason the "read before you retweet" warning will come up is if you're about to retweet an article you did not open. However you can ignore the warning and still go ahead to retweet with and additional click.

It is true that the Read Before You Retweet Warning is not prompted by certain news sources, but this occurs only randomly because the feature is still in its experimental stages, and Twitter itself is already looking into this and preparing for an update.

The claim that Twitter’s Read Before You Retweet Warning only target conservative circles is not true.

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