Does This Video Prove Trump Has Frontotemporal Dementia?

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By Hezekiah Oluwole September 10, 2020

A viral video showing Donald Trump moving away from a group of reporters to stand abruptly beside a puddle of water has been circulating on social media with the insinuation that he was disoriented because of dementia.

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This video has been posted on both Twitter and Facebook with misleading captions. The caption in one Twitter post with over 2 million views read; "Trump is lost & disoriented here. His mind goes blank and he doesn’t remember what he’s supposed to do next. He’s deep into his degenerative neurological disease- Frontotemporal dementia- mindlessly lumbering and zigzagging in the grass towards a puddle." This is not true and the 12 seconds social media clip has been edited.

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The original video was recorded on August 7, 2019 and it shows Trump speaking with reporters right before he left the White House to go meet with the victims of the mass shooting in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio and their families.

According to C-SPAN where the original video of 12 minutes can be found, Trump "gave an update on meetings with lawmakers regarding legislative action to address mass shootings and gun violence." The transcript also shows that Trump's reply to the reporters wasn't punctuated by any sign of dementia.

On leaving the reporters, Trump walks towards Melania Trump who was edited out of the social media video and points to the puddle so that the First Lady will not step into it. After this moment, both of them went together to board the Marine One helicopter. Another record of this moment was taken by Reuters.

Thus, the video on social media has been deliberately edited to make Trump look mentally incapable.

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