Does This Photo Show A Drunk Harris Throwing Up In The Bushes And Staggering?

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By Hezekiah Oluwole November 07, 2020

An image of the Democratic vice-presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris, showing her as intoxicated has gone viral and gained so much media attraction this week after her campaign visit to Ohio.

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The actual image is still part of a video that Harris posted on her Twitter page on November 28, 2019. This video was made on Thanksgiving Day at the Turkey Trot in downtown Des Moines, where her Brother-in-law ran the 5 km race.

Kamala Twitter.png

In the particular video, Harris is seen greeting a young boy and offering the boy a cookie. Her gestures show her bending and attempting to give the boy a cookie from the container. Her clothing and the background of this video, match that of the still image posted this week and has since gone viral

 Zuma press photographer Jack Kurtz took images of Harris on Thanksgiving morning. And images show her meeting and greeting participants of the Turkey Trot, none shows an intoxicated Harris throwing up in the bush.

In the viral post, the caption says that the supposed image was taken at the Cleveland airport. Her visit to a campaign event at Cleveland on October 24th was reported by many local media outlets, and not one mentioned that she was intoxicated at any point.

A video footage of Harris' visit too Cleveland for Biden's presidential campaign can also be found on C-SPANand it does not show her vomiting or acting intoxicated in anyway.

Therefore, the claim is false.

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