Does The Backdrop Of A School Wall In An Interview Insult Boris Johnson?

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By Hezekiah Oluwole September 11, 2020

Social media users have been sharing a claim about Boris Johnson, the UK Prime Minister at an interview with an image of what looks like an insult in the background.

Facebook claim Boris Johnson.png

This claim shows a picture of the Prime Minister at an interview in a school in Leicestershire in late August with a Mathematical periodic table in the background. The letters shown in the periodic table over Johnson's shoulder reads; "Fuck Boris" while the overlay reads; “Genius work from the teachers in this school to spell out FUCK BORIS on the wall behind him.”

Sky news Boris Johnson.png

This interview was covered by a number of media platforms such as The Independent and Sky News where the periodic table was gotten from a much wider angle and the elements; "Se,” “Rf,” “Pe,” “Dp", “Si,” “Ta,” and "r" could be seen clearly. In the August interview, Johnson talked about the likely change to face mask guidelines in the country as a result of the pandemic. He also mentioned that teachers cannot be expected to teach with face coverings the same way children cannot be expected to learn while covering their faces.

However, internet users have found a way to make fun of the original periodic table by removing the T from the Ta and saying it reads; "Arse". On this issue, British historian, Alex Von Tunzelmann posted; "Too good to be true, of course. Though that does still say “arse”, which I will settle for under the circumstances"

Alex Von Boris Johnson.png

The viral screenshot has been edited to make it look like Johnson was being insulted.

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