Does McDonald’s Compel its Employees to Sign a Non Compete Agreement to Prevent Them from Working for Rivals?

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By Olumide Akinlaja July 26, 2020

On Wednesday July 22nd, as part of his campaign plans for the forthcoming Presidential elections, former Vice President and Democratic Party candidate, Joe Biden took part in a virtual roundtable session with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). During the session, Joe Biden provided insights and answered a number of questions relating to the welfare of the members of the Union and how he would handle things differently if, he becomes the next President.

Joe Biden in a Meeting.

While addressing a question related to food chain firm, McDonald’s, the number of hours some of their employees work, and their payment benefits among other things, Biden said, as can be seen via the transcript of the session here, ‘McDonald’s making billions of dollars, but here’s the deal, they’ve made you all sign non-compete contracts that you cannot go across town to try to get a job at Burger King’. You can read more on Biden’s claim in the transcript.

After taking a careful look at Biden’s claim and referencing the facts that are available regarding this topic, it is important to say that Mr. Biden’s claim is false and misleading.

While it must be said that there was really such a practice in place before at McDonald’s and other top food franchises in the country, it is important to also confirm that such practice is no longer in place. As can be seen here on CNN Business, McDonald’s was one of the 7 food chain outlets to end the rule back in 2018, and this means their workers are now able to work for other rival firms in the industry.

Presently, McDonald’s doesn’t have a non-compete clause in place that prevent its employees from working for rival firms, and no concrete evidence suggests they do, and this makes Biden’s claim false.

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