Did Senator Collins Say That She "Wouldn't Endorse Trump" But Would "Fully Support Him?"

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By Hezekiah Oluwole September 05, 2020

Since last week, social media users have been sharing a quote attributed to Republican Maine Sen. Susan Collins, in relation to Donald Trump and her stance on his re-election.

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This quote reads; "Yes, I said that I wouldn’t endorse him but that doesn’t mean I don’t fully support him,” and it is accompanied by a link to a news article published by the American Independent titled; "Susan Collins refuses to endorse Trump because she's 'in a difficult race'".

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However, this quote was not mentioned at all in this article. Rather, the article explains how Susan Collins will not be taking sides in the presidential election because of her re-election which will be coming up in November. The only thing in quotes from Susan Collins in the article is during her interview with CNN on July 21 when she stated that; "I have a difficult race. And I am concentrating my efforts on that race."

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While this statement may indirectly relate to Trump, it does not in any way match the quote that's being attributed to her. Unfortunately, this does not stop social media users from sharing it.

On September 2, Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump movement founded by disaffected Republican strategists explained that they had to delete a fake Susan Collins post that they had earlier posted on Twitter.

According to Snopes, Annie Clark, Collins' spokesperson also confirmed that the quote is fake.

The politics editor for the Maine Newspaper Bangor Daily News, Michael Shepherd also expressed his disbelief on the  traction the American Independent news article is getting months after its publication while confirming that the quote is fake.

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