Did Obama Post Tweet Criticizing Indian Pm Modi?

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By Osama Aftab Usman December 14, 2020

Several recent viral Facebook posts claim that former US President Barack Obama made a tweet criticizing current Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The tweet in question was made on December 5, 2020 and shows Obama shaking hands with Modi. The tweet is captioned “Today I am shamefull [sic] for a hand shake with this man… #Narenda Modi” and had over 13 thousand likes. The picture used in the tweet is from Modi’s 4-day US visit in 2014, as reported by the Economic Times.

Obama Tweet Criticizing Modi.png

However, the tweet is fabricated and was never made by the official Barack Obama Twitter account. Searching for tweets by the account between the dates of 4th and 6th December show that no such tweet was published. By referring to archives of the Twitter page on December 5 and 6, we can also conclude that no such tweet was made and later deleted.

Furthermore, the numerous grammatical errors and inconsistencies in the caption of the tweet also point to it not being a fake and not something written by Obama. The words shameful and handshake are misspelled and the expression used should have been “I am ashamed” in this context.

Reuters conducted a fact-check on the claim presented. The accompanying posts claim that Obama’s tweet was in response to recent farmer’s protests opposing legislation made by Modi’s administration. Reuters concluded that the image was genuine while the post accompanying it was fabricated to present the impression that Obama criticized Modi for his policies.

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