Did Nancy Pelosi Cost Taxpayers $120,000 To Make A Trip To A Hair Salon?

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By Bilal Aftab Usman September 07, 2020

A viral Facebook post makes some claims about the costs incurred by taxpayers to fly Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to a hair salon. The post has over 16,000 shares currently and claims that the trip cost $120,000 to taxpayers. The post however does not include any sources or information on how the poster arrived at the number. The incident was brought to light when Fox News released security camera footage showing Pelosi getting her hair done in a San Francisco salon. Pelosi faced blowback for the move as the city was still under COVID-19 restrictions at the time. Pelosi however claims that she was “set up” and that the entire incident was politically motivated.

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Regardless of whether Pelosi should have gone to the salon or not, the rumor that the Speaker wastes exorbitant sums of taxpayer funds traveling between her hometown of San Francisco and Washington D.C. is not a new one. While Pelosi did have access to an Air Force jet as Speaker of the House from 2007 to 2011, this was due to security precautions following the 9/11 attacks. Since then, Pelosi has flown on commercial airliners. CNN correspondent Jeff Zeleny even spotted Pelosi on a delayed flight as recently as 2019.

Moreover, Politifact interviewed Pelosi’s deputy chief of staff, Drew Hamill, on the matter. Hamill stated that Pelosi did not fly to the salon, the trip “cost nothing” as they were already in the city. As no evidence suggests that Pelosi’s trip cost $120,000 as claimed in the original post, we have to conclude that the claim is fabricated.

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