Did NIC Ban Chinese Apps on Play Store & App Store?

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By Bilal Aftab Usman June 22, 2020

UPDATE: India's Ministry of Information Technology banned 59 Chinese Apps on 29 June 2020. The ban was enforced on the recommendation of Ministry of Home Affairs' Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Center. The contents of this article are still correct and the images remain fake.

A rumor has been spreading recently on various social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook.

The rumor contains an image of a memo from the National Informatics Centre and states that the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology have directed Google and Apple to restrict the functionality of 15 Chinese Applications from both companies’ respective stores. Some of the apps included the massively popular music app TikTok as well as games such as Mobile Legends.

The letter comes at a time when tensions between China and India are rising over disputes along the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

NIC bans chinese apps fake memo.png

However, the rumor is false and the memo in the picture is fake. PIBFactCheck confirmed the same in a tweet stating that no such order was given by the government ministry or the NIC.

The Quint also investigated the rumor and corroborated that the letter was fake. The letter exhibited several red flags about its authenticity as well as several factual and spelling mistakes. For instance, the letter has wrongly listed “Moity” when the correct abbreviation for the ministry is MeitY. The letter also wrongly lists the names of the representatives for the two tech companies, Neha Agarwal for Google India and Anuj Kr Reddy for Apple India. However, the current country manager for Google India is Sanjay Gupta and the current Operation Head in India for Apple is Ashish Choudhary.

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