Did More Than 1 Million Trump Supporters Show Up In Washington Protest?

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By Osama Aftab Usman November 19, 2020

A recent viral tweet claims that over a million people marched in Washington D.C. in support of President Trump on November 14. The tweet was made by White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany and has been retweeted over 56 thousand times. The tweet shows two images of the march in Freedom Plaza from Fox News but does not give any further sources for the estimate of 1 million marchers.

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However, the claim presented in the tweet is false. Major news outlets estimated that the size of the crowd to be far below 1 million. Fox News itself gave an estimate of tens of thousands of Trump supporters for the march while NPR and Washington Times gave estimates in the thousands only.

Additionally, fact-checking website PolitiFact.com covered the issue and rated the claim as false. The article states that the maximum capacity of people that can fit in Freedom Plaza is 135,000, according to MapChecking.com. This equates to around 4 people packed per square meter. As the photos tweeted by McEnany show several gaps between the protestors, it is unlikely that the size of the crowd in Freedom Plaza was near this maximum capacity. Furthermore, the National Park Service gives a maximum capacity of 13,900 people for Freedom Plaza or 5 square feet per person, while stating that this density does not consistently apply on Pennsylvania Avenue.

The Trump administration has made exaggerated claims about crowd sizes before as well. As there is no source for the claim that there were a million supporters in this protest, the claim is debunked.

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