Did Melania Trump Remove The Rose Garden Planted By Every First Lady Since 1913?

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By Hezekiah Oluwole September 01, 2020

Social media posts stating that Melania Trump has uprooted and destroyed the Rose Garden planted by every first lady since Jackie Kennedy has been circulating on social media since Melania announced its unveiling on Twitter. These posts are false.

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In late August, Melania Trump unveiled a spruced version of the White House Rose Garden that she has been working on since late July to reporters and while some people accepted it well, many people did not.

For example, on seeing the news on Twitter,  Ana Navarro-Cárdenas, a political strategist and commentator lamented; "She (Melania Trump) cut down Jackie’s trees!" while another activist stated that; "Jackie  Kennedy’s Rose Garden was colorful and diverse and beautiful and Melania just made it... white?"

However, the post that fed into the most popular narrative about the Rose Garden is that of a Twitter user which reads; " You (Melania Trump) destroyed a part of American history. Each First Lady before you since 1913 has contributed  to the Rose Garden with grace and class. You dug up history and put in its place a soulless, sterile, hideous eye sore. Shameful". These reactions bring to mind certain questions that we will be answering.

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Was The Rose Garden That Melania Trump  Planted In 1913?

According to landscape Historian, Marta McDowell, the Rose Garden was not planted in 1913. It was not even designed in 1913.

The current Rose Garden was designed in 1962 when it was renovated by the former President of the United States, John F. Kennedy with the help of horticulturalist Bunny Mellon.

In support of this history, Melania Trump, stated that the renovation of the Rose Garden returned it to the original design made during the Kennedy administration with the addition of improved infrastructure and a paved pathway to aid people with disabilities.

Did Melania Trump Uproot The Roses Planted By Every First Lady Since 1913?

According to SFGate, modern varieties of roses only live for ten years while older varieties live for 50 years. Thus, any rose planted in 1913 would not have been alive when Melania renovated the garden.

According to the landscape report by the Committee for the Preservation of the White House in 2020], the flowers in the garden have been changed numerous times over the years.

What New Change Did Melania Trump Make To The Garden?

The crab apple trees were removed but even these trees were not the same trees that were planted in the 1960s during Kennedy's administration. In a phone interview with Snopes, Marta McDowells explained that the crab apple trees have been changed thrice from "one called Katherine to another called Spring Snow." Melania explained that the removed crab apple trees will be replanted in the White House greenhouse.

Therefore, the claim by social media users that Melania destroyed the Rose Garden maintained by every First Lady since 1913 is false.

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