Did Joe Biden Use The N-word In A Racist Comment?

From Fakezap
Date: 2020/07/26
Authors: Hezekiah Oluwole

Social media posts claiming that Joe Biden, the presumptive Presidential candidate for the Democratic Party and former Vice President of the United States once used an N-Word countless times on camera is circulating on social media.

Joe Biden's N-Word Video.jpg

These posts which are attached with a 3 seconds clip of Joe Biden saying "We already have a n****r mayor and we don’t need any more n*****r big-shots..." occurred at a Judiciary Committee Senate hearing in 1985. The clip that is circulating on social media is a small clip from a larger video of about 6 hours, 25 minutes and 18 seconds on C-SPAN.

The longer video is a Senate Hearing in 1985 to prove that William Bradford Reynolds, who was at that time nominated to be a Deputy Attorney General of the United States of America was biased in signing off on a plan which prevented a mostly black district to be formed in New Orleans.

According to Reynolds, he did not abandon the Nunez plan, which led to the under-representation of black people in Louisiana for a plan which was sponsored by white legislators who opposed the plan because of a racist sentiment but because of David Treen, who was the Governor of the state at the time.

To prove him wrong, Joe Biden read out quotes of things he claimed Reynolds were aware of because they were reported in a memo drafted by his staff about the comments made by the legislators. At the end of the hearing, Reynolds' nomination was rejected with a 10-8 vote.

Thus, the clips circulating on social media are out of context and not once did Joe Biden use the words personally but in a quote.

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