Did Joe Biden Say “Hello Minnesota” At A Florida Rally?

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By Hezekiah Oluwole November 04, 2020

A video clip showing that Joe Biden forgot the state he was in for a rally has been circulating on social media. In this clip, Joe Biden is recorded saying the words; “Hello Minnesota” to a crowd at a Florida rally. This clip has been manipulated.

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The original version of this clip can be found on C-Span at time code 28:30. It is a close crop of Biden’s drive-in rally and the background sign in the original video reads, “Text MN to 30330” instead of Tampa, Florida.

C span Did Joe Biden Say “Hello Minnesota” At A Florida Rally.png

Apart from the blue sign on the stage and the changed words on the background sign, everything else in the video is exactly the same as Biden’s Minnesota rally. The two American flags in the background are alike, the piles of hay on the floor and the; “Battle for the soul of the Nation” on the background are both the same.

Both NBC News and Reuters covered the rally and the photos taken by Reuters are strong proof that the video was manipulated.

The footage of the actual rally Biden held in Tampa, Florida can be found on C-Span and it looks distinctly different from the rally in the clip.

One major difference between the real Tampa rally and the manipulated video is the theme. The manipulated Minnesota rally has hay on the ground which wasn't present at all at the original Tampa rally. The background colors are also not the same.

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