Did Joe Biden Just Start Condemning Violent Riots?

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By Hezekiah Oluwole September 07, 2020

On May 27, George Floyd died in police custody and his death led to a chain of events which were marked by protests, some of which devolved into riots and violence.

Towards the last days of August, social media users started sharing a claim that Joe Biden has been silent on the issue of violent protests in the United States for more than three months but only decided to speak up about them because of a slight dip in polls.

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These claims are in the form of memes with Joe Biden's picture and most of them reads; "Turns out, Americans don’t like violence in their streets. So after 3 months of silence and slipping poll numbers, I’m now against rioting", with a slight variation in picture and words in other posts, though the memes still retain the same meaning. These claims are false.

The allegations came after Biden's statement condemning riots and violence in Portland on August 30, following a shooting during a Black Lives Matter protesters clash with Trump supporters and the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha. In the statement, Biden described violence and shooting on the streets of an American city as unacceptable. He also condemned violence and proposed that Donald Trump should do the same.

However, this statement was not well received by some people and the chief of them was Jason Miller, a senior Adviser to Donald Trump's presidential campaign. Following the release of Biden's statement on August 30, Miller posted that; "Joe Biden has sat idly by for months, refusing to condemn violence and chaos from his allies in Democrat-run cities," but this sentiment is not true.

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Few days after the death of George Floyd in police custody, Biden posted on his blog that even though it is an utterly American reaction to protest against brutality, needless destruction, burning down communities and violent protests are not.

On June 2, at a speech in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Joe Biden stated that distinctions have to be made between " legitimate peaceful protests" and "opportunistic violent destruction".

Biden also spoke against violent protests on July 28 during a speech in Wilmington Delaware.

Thus, the allegations by Miller and a number of social media users that Biden has been ignoring riots and violence till recently is false.

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