Did Joe Biden Fall Asleep During A Live Interview?

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By Hezekiah Oluwole September 03, 2020

Social media users are sharing a video of Joe Biden falling asleep during a live TV interview.

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In the video, Joe Biden's eyes are closed while a news reporter is seen repeating the words; "wake up" over and over again. For effects, a snoring sound can be heard and the banner; "ON AIR: JOE BIDEN | THE IMPORTANCE OF THIS ELECTION" can be seen on the screen.

This clip is not real. Rather, it features a collection of two different events. The reporter saying "Wake Up" is none other than news anchor Leyla Santiago and she was not interviewing Joe Biden.

The person she was interviewing was Harry Belafonte, an entertainer and activist, who was reportedly not sleeping but meditating since he could not hear her due to technical difficulties.

An original version of the video shows Santiago talking with two other people on how Belafonte must not have heard her due to technical difficulties.

Joe Biden's part of the video is a clip from a Virtual Town Hall he did with Hillary Clinton in April where the former secretary of state formally endorsed him. The video at 4:54 shows that Biden was only looking down and not taking a nap at all.

The manipulated clip can be traced back to a Twitter user, @damonimani, who claimed that he was the one who added the sound and mixed the video together.

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When questioned about the originality of the video, the Twitter user said; "Technically yes. The Biden footage used in this video, was him taking a nap during a live stream with Hilary Clinton. (I added the sfx) And the news lady had a guest on who also took a nap on live tv. I just mixed them." However, there is no evidence that Biden took a nap at all during the interview and this is a misrepresentation.

Despite the fact that this Twitter user has clarified that the video was manipulated, social media users still continue to share it. 

The most notable of these was that of Dan Scanvino, the White House deputy chief of staff for communications. However, the video was removed by Twitter because of a report by the "copyright owner" while @damonimani's video was labelled as "manipulated media".

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