Did Jeff Bezos Offer Free One-Day Prime Shipping For All Mail-In Ballots?

From Fakezap
By Olumide Akinlaja August 15, 2020

On the 10th of August, a social media post had claimed President Trump is furious because the CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos decided to offer a free one-day prime shipping for all mail-in ballots for the upcoming Presidential elections.

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The post which has since garnered over 25,000 likes and shared about 6,500 times reads, ‘Trump Furious After Bezos Offers Free One-day Prime Shipping For All Mail-in Ballots’. This post follows all the recent controversies and debates which has followed the mail-in ballots for the next elections. How true is this claim?

To put it simply, this post is false, as Bezos has not offered free prime shipping for mail-in ballots. This post originated from the Facebook account of Andy Borowitz. For those who have not been following Mr. Borowitz, this post might have counted for something, but those who are familiar with him would have laughed off the post immediately.

This is because, Borowitz is a satire and humor writer. This was even stated in the About Us of his Facebook account. This post is another satire from Andy Borowitz and you definitely can’t take it serious. Aside from writing humor and satire on Facebook, Borowitz also writes for the New Yorker, and he has an entire section known as the ‘Borowitz Report’ dedicated to his humor and satirical posts on the site where you will find posts similar to the one in this post.

It is clear this post was meant as a satire and it doesn’t represent the true reality of things. It should be treated as such by everyone who comes in contact with it.

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