Did Hunter Biden Die From A Drug Overdose?

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By Hezekiah Oluwole October 31, 2020

Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden was rumored dead from a drug overdose. The 50 year old, whose personal and business life has been a source of several scornful claims and allegations from the press and media, has been rumored dead by the excessive use of drugs.

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This rumor seems to have been birthed from posts on 4CHAN.

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One of the posts stated that Hunter Biden is being treated for Heroin overdose in his (he the anon, a medical professional) hospital and that Hunter is in critical condition.

Another anonymous user posted:

“Don’t ask me how I know but Hunter Biden died of crack overdose over 20 minutes ago. Joe is on his way to the hospital.”

The October 25 post convinced many observers of its credibility because the user has the same avatar (PEPE THE FROG) as the anonymous user who made known the suicide of Jeffery Epstein (a financier and convicted sex offender) in a New York prison in August 2019.

Even though it is obvious that the October 25 anonymous user and the anonymous user that announced Jeff’s suicide had the same Avatar, Just any individual can use any avatar they so please while posting to 4CHAN.  And up until now there have no proof to support the thesis that the user behind Epstein’s suicide announcement in August 2019 was the same user that claimed that Hunter had died of a Heroin overdose in October 2020

In a recent event, Hunter Biden’s attorney (GEORGE MESIRES) confirmed to a media body that Hunter Biden is alive.

There is no proof to support the claim that Hunter Biden is dead, let alone from a drug overdose. Hunter and his Dad have been open about Hunter’s struggle with alcohol and drugs, but the rumor that he is dead is FALSE.

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