Did Fox News Report The Death Of 70 Dogs From Eating Chicken Jerky Treats In 2020?

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By Hezekiah Oluwole September 13, 2020

A large number of social media users are sharing the claim that 70 dogs purportedly died from eating chicken jerky treats from China. This claim is backed up by other claims that Fox News has recently published an article on it while the brand, Blue Buffalo among other brands that sell chicken jerky treats have recalled it too.

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This claim is false and it has been in circulation since 2011 when it was first fact checked by Snopes. It also circulated for a while in 2014 when Snopes made an update to their earlier published article.

The claim in question reads; "Beware! To all dog owners: It was on Fox news earlier that 70 dogs have died as a result of eating chicken jerky treats made from chicken that has come from China. Kingdom Pets brand from Costco is one of them. Also certain Blue Buffalo brand pet foods have a recall for the same thing. Please re post and make sure all your doggie friends are aware of this.”

According to Reuters, the last chicken jerky treat that was recalled was in 2016 and it wasn't because of anything related to dog deaths.

Additionally, according to the Food Drugs Administration (FDA) website, as of December 2015, only 5200 reports have been made about pet illnesses related to the consumption of duck, chicken, and sweet potato jerky treats imported from China. However, there is no conclusive evidence to show that the illnesses were caused by the consumption of jerky treats.

Furthermore, one of the brands mentioned, Blue Buffalo told Reuters that none of the chicken they use come from China while on the recall, Kingdom Pets mentioned on its website that none of its products have even been recalled.

Fox News has also not made any report on chicken jerky treats since 2016 when Fox News Radio reported that more than 1,100 dogs have died from eating jerky treats made in China.

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