Did Biden Kneel And Publicly Apologize To The Daughter Of George Floyd?

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By Olumide Akinlaja November 30, 2020

A Twitter post by a former Senator in Nigeria has generated mixed reactions, with the majority of its readers in agreement with its content. As of the time of writing this, the post has garnered 1,924 retweets, quoted 582 times, and liked about 14,000 times.

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In the post, the former senator with the name, Dino Melaye, shared a picture of Joe Biden kneeling in front of a young child. It was captioned:

"American President-elect publicly apologizes to the daughter of George Floyd, a black American who was murdered by racist white American policemen. On behalf of the entire American Government and Citizens, I hereby apologize for the untimely death of ur dad. Can mallam B do this?"

The claim was that the President-elect felt remorseful enough to apologize for the death of George Floyd, an African American man whose death earlier this year sparked a universal protest against systemic racism. He was claimed to apologize by kneeling in front of the child, said to be George Floyd's child, and the last part of the tweet which reads 'Can mallam B do this, must surely be a dig at the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari.

However, after running a background check, the said photo was taken by Leah Millis, a Senior Photographer with Reuters, based in Washington. The child in question was neither Ghanaian Don Little nor the daughter of George Floyd. This was C J Brown, meeting with the president-elect pre-election, in one of his brief stops.

This time, the photo was taken at "Three Thirteen" clothing store, while Joe Biden was visiting Detroit, Michigan. As a kid-loving individual, he decided to hold a conversation with the little child, kneeling to level up with his height.

To corroborate this fact, Joe Biden himself posted the same photo on Instagram on November 1, 2020, tagging the location of the photo taken in Detroit, Michigan. Some tweets posted at the time of the event also show the claim is false. This tweet was from Karen Travers, a White House Correspondent, and this was from Corinne Perkins, a North America Editor for Reuters.

The Verdict                                                                                         

It should be clear from the foregoing that the tweet shared by Dino Melaye is false and misleading. The child captured by Leah Millis is not George Floyd's daughter. It is not Don Little, as claimed by another sect of people. This is CJ Brown and what he got was not an apology but a fist bump and a brief conversation from Joe Biden.

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