Did Betting on Online Slots Increase By 25% During the Lockdown?

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By Olumide Akinlaja July 20, 2020

An article which originated from Huffington Post has claimed that betting on online slots has increased significantly by up to 25% during the lockdown period. This article which comes with the title, ‘Brits Took A Huge Gamble In Lockdown – And Lost £228M In One Month’ claimed to have gotten its numbers directly from the site of the Gambling Commission and it also contained testimonials from a lady named Samantha who said she may have lost up to ‘£8,000 to £9,000’ to online gambling during this period.

While we do not doubt the claim of the woman in question and every other person who might have claimed to lose some money to gambling during the lockdown period, it is important to say that, the claim that betting on online slots has increased by 25% is not correct, and this is not what is available at the website of the UK Gambling commission.

As a matter of fact, the stats and figures which are available as provided by the Gambling Commission shows that there has been a drop in the amount of online gambling. As seen in the data provided by the Gambling Commission here, there has actually been a 2% fall in March, as well as a further 5% decrease in the Month of April, regarding the total number of active players’ account in the UK. It must also be said that the 25% loss stated in this report is only limited to the month of March 2020, and it cannot be used as a figure for the lockdown period. As you may recall, the UK Lockdown started in March 26th, which was already at the end of the month.

Furthermore, the 25% increase is a year-on-year gain on active online slot players between March 2019 and March 2020, not betting loss. It is clear that the Huffington Post report used this increased number in active players to arrive at the £228 million gambling loss in their post, and this is very far away from the truth.

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