Debunking That “New Facebook Rule” Hoax..Again!

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By Kaye Daza June 19, 2020

A familiar “new Facebook rule” status is circulating around, urging users to re-post it as a legal notice to stop Facebook from making their posts and photos public.

Recently, several Facebook users were seen posting the following on their timeline:

There is no point in doing that at all.

Facebook has already addressed this way back in 2012, “This is false. Anyone who uses Facebook owns and controls the content and information they post, as stated in our terms.”

This hoax implies that Facebook changed its policy, when in fact it has not. As stated in their Terms of Service, “You own the intellectual property rights in any such content that you create and share on Facebook and the other Facebook Company Products you use. Nothing in these Terms takes away the rights you have to your own content.”

Facebook, Inc. do not intend to make user data public. In using Facebook for free, they intend to collect user data “to show you ads that are more relevant to you.” Facebook products and services are funded through ad revenue.

By signing up, the user agrees that information they provide is collected by Facebook “to support Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and other products and features offered by Facebook.”

So yes, signing with any Facebook products has automatically granted them rights to user posts, photos, and other information. Unfortunately, a simple copy-paste of this status on one’s timeline does not rescind the permissions agreed to upon sign-up.

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